Prof. Dr. Zoltán Cséfalvay has been the head of the Technological Futures Workshop of the MCC (School of Economics) since November 2020. Prior to this, he was a senior researcher at the European Commission's Joint Research Center in Seville, ambassador at the permanent representation of Hungary assigned to the OECD and UNESCO in Paris (2014-2018), state secretary for economic strategy at the Ministry of National Economy (2010-2014), Deputy State Secretary for Regional Economic Development at the Ministry of Economy (2000-2002) and Presidential Advisor at the Hungarian National Bank (1991-1995). In 1999, he completed his habilitation at Lajos Kossuth University in Debrecen, and in 1996 he defended his PhD thesis in Geography at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He is a prolific author in English, German and Hungarian, and in 2017, his latest book entitled 'Tectonic Shifts' was published, dealing with the technological revolution in the global economy.