MCC - Centre for Next Technological Futures

About us

The main focus of the Centre for Next Technological Futures at Mathias Corvinus Collegium is on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the emergence of new digital technologies (Robotics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain) and their impacts on economy, society and geopolitics. Our activities include lecturing at MCC, conducting evidence-based research projects with active participation of student researchers and analysing policy challenges and alternatives. 
The Centre's flagship research project – The Rise of the Scaleup Cities in Europe – aims to examine the startup ecosystems across 166 European cities, their performances in relation to startups and access to finance and talent. By doing this, particular attention is paid to the analysis of those institutions (incubators, accelerators, business organizations) that could improve the startup performance of European cities. To better understand how these institutions work, we regularly organise study trips to the most important ecosystems in Europe.