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The analysis encompasses European and US regions, which it examines and presents using various indicators to showcase their differences.

The study reveals how the 6 European countries and a total of 121 regions in the USA stand in terms of global innovation competitiveness. Using more than a dozen indicators, the study illustrates the differences among countries and their respective strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to comparing European regions, the study also compares European regions with regions in the USA. The study highlights that Germany has states ranking among the top regions, but not all German regions are close to the top. Regions in Sweden perform exceptionally well, while regions in Central European countries like Hungary and Poland occupy the lower positions among the analyzed regions, although they outperform certain regions in Italy.

The study draws conclusions about the competitiveness of countries' regions and provides country-specific recommendations for policymakers on how to develop their economies on a global and innovation level.

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