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How do Latin American countries fare globally in terms of competitiveness from both innovation and economic perspectives?

The study aims to analyze the competitiveness of Latin American countries and regions, drawing conclusions and providing recommendations for policymakers on how governments can enhance the competitiveness of their economies. The study assesses the economic policies of 6 countries and 182 regions, using more than a dozen indicators to illustrate their strengths and weaknesses.

From the research, it becomes evident that the competitiveness of the U.S. states is not uniform. Some states can outperform regions in the best-performing South American countries in terms of competitiveness. The study reveals that the United States significantly outperforms Latin American countries, but there are variations where the USA performs less favorably.

Towards the end of the study, it becomes clear what findings the authors make and what recommendations they offer to policymakers regarding innovation competitiveness.

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