MCC - Centre for Next Technological Futures

Csaba Johanyák

11/21/22, 6:38 PM

Néstor Duch-Brown | Employment Challenges of the Digital Transition

Don’t panic yet about the jobs being “stolen” by robots and AI Lunch Debate with Néstor Duch-Brown (JRC, Seville) and László Bacsa (Demola, Budapest)
9/20/22, 3:51 PM

Prof. Dr. Bruno Lanvin | Schumpeter Guest Lectures & Seminars on Innovation Economics

"The term smart city is disappearing because the focus is too much on technology and not on people. Some argue that to make a city smart, you need lots of sensors, smart traffic management and air pollution measurement. But that's not what people want. They don't want to live in a smart city, they want to live in a good, lovable and liveable city. That is the true definition of smart cities. " This is how Prof. Bruno Lanvin introduced smart cities at the Schumpeter Guest Lectures event organised by the Centre for Next Technological Futures.
9/4/22, 7:11 PM

Talent, Technology and Venture Capital: a Study Tour into the depths of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley
There's no better place for startups to get their business off the ground and even gain global spotlight, but the sky-high cost of housing can put many off. What is the real secret to the success of this global tech hub? The destination of the students of Centre for Next Technological Futures was none other than the real big winner of the Covid crisis: Silicon Valley.
8/31/22, 12:12 PM

Building Bridges or Running the Risk of Dependency

Paper presented at the 39th EBES conference, Rome, 6-8 April 2022